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04 oktober 2019


4 oktober, 2019
20:30 - 23:00
  • Denne begivenhed er allerede afholdt.

Ukulele koncert

Ukulele party på Kulturstationen Vanløse

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Tobias Elof:

With 20+ years of performing and composing on the ‘ukulele, a bachelor degree in traditional folk music from Denmark’s prestigious folk music academy, nominations in two Danish Music awards, and tours across Europe and Asia with sell out shows in Copenhagen, Taipei and Beijing, the music of Tobias Elof is transcendent. Drawing from his Nordic roots, Elof’s grounded and intimate compositions are soothing and attract images of serenity. Described as the music of nature, Elof inspires to oppose the noise, encouraging listeners to feel a tranquil state of mind.

The 8th of June Elof released debut album ‘Ukulele Meditation, represents a chapter in his musical journey as a solo artist. The album has come together over 5 years where Elof has collaborated with many artist like the duo Bremer/McCoy, vocal quartet Åkervinda, and sound engineer Jonas Nakel, whom are releasing the album on Toneart Rec

Zoë Bestel

Ethereal vocals, poignant melodies and stirring lyrics describes award winning nu-folk musician, Zoë Bestel, hailed as one of Scotland’s most fascinating young singer-songwriters. As well as numerous BBC radio performances, Bestel has captivated audiences across Denmark, Germany, Finland, and the Czech Republic, as well as numerous festivals including Orkney Folk Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival, and Celtic Connections.

Last year brought the launch of her second album and fourth release, ‘Transience’, recorded and produced in Copenhagen, by now partner Danish ‘ukulele virtuoso Tobias Elof, in the summer of 2017. Bestel was signed that November to the world’s first crowd-funded label ‘Last Night From Glasgow’ who brought her new work to vinyl. ‘Transience’ released globally, to high acclaim, on Record Store Day April 2018.

Praktisk information

Fredag d. 4. okt. døre 20.00//show 20.30 //80 kr. ekskl. gebyr//dørsalg 100 kr.